Faulty part in Q800 kit [Solved]

Just started assembly of the Q800 frame and one of the parts is incorrect.

One of the arm mounts has an incorrectly sized or stripped out threaded insert (my eyes are a long way from what they used to be but given that the screw slips straight in with no resistance I would say it is wrong size entirely) - can I get a replacement part please?

Also, while here it may be wise to point out there is couple of problems in the assembly manual…

Part numbers X650050 and x650051 should be inserted into the arm tube ends before fitting motor mounts and arm mounts.

When assembling the arms on two of them you need to slide the arm fixing blocks on before putting the Arm mount on the tube as they cannot be fitted otherwise - the blocks with the round hole in the middle and clips on the ends.

I will get a replacement arm mount sent to you tomorrow sorry about that!

I have been meaning to update the manual with the new part as its been included to allow you to tighten things up without the risk of deforming the carbon fiber arm.

yes I figured that much… of course AFTER I had assembled the arms…

I have another problem too :frowning:

The mini camera and TX… Plugged it in and was receiving a good image though grainy (indoor lighting though so acceptable, no night lens included btw) but after about 2 or 3 mins there was a bit of interference and picture vanished.

The TX was very hot and unit is now dead. I was powering with a 1s lipo as suggested in the listing.

Also, the pixhawk controller was missing from the package - I assume because it was not ordered as such but the release one for the IRIS…

Seems like you have had some bad luck with this order :boom: :frowning: sorry about that ! Please could you send support an email with your order number and I can sort out a return to either get the TX fixed or replaced.

I will do later… I still need a boat load of stuff to complete the project yet so its not a great priority just yet…

I am wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go with a fatshark goggle to be honest, but I need to spend a bit more time convincing myself it is really necessary to spend even more money :smiley: I was thinking with the mini I could more or less package the tx, camera and battery into a single compact unit and swap it between the Q800 and the IRIS easily, but I guess it would not really take much more work to swap a fatshark tx and gopro over anyway.

Just to balance out the plus and minus of the order…

When I opened up the Q800 box and saw the parts I thought that is a right ripoff, its bloody tiny, but now it is assembled its mahoosive :smiley: with the exception of the shite quality allen key which lasted for about 5 out the 5 million screws needed and the arm mount which has definitely got a wrong sized insert somehow the quality seems to be really quite good indeed.

I think with hindsight I should maybe have used threadlock on the screws though so I will take a trip to halfords and grab some and re-build it tomorrow if I get a spare half hour or so.

The 7" Monitor with built in rx is pretty good too, not tried it outside in daylight of course but in the house I thought to myself wow that is a bright display - then when I looked in the settings I found it was only at half brightness as well so I think that will be pretty good outside.

Finally the FY G3 gimbal, 5 minutes and it was assembled, mounted on the Q800 and gopro fitted. Plugged it into a 3s lipo to test and right away its locked in solid with no adjustments or anything - Really quite impressed with that especially at the price. I have to admit when I opened the box I thought where the hell is the controller board, something else missing! but of course its not missing it is part of the frame and seems to have almost nothing on it but connectors! Clearly whatever IS on it works very well, I am really glad I decided to go for that option :wink: