Yuneec Breeze - 4K selfie drone

Just a quick post as yuneec have just announced a new quadcopter to their lineup, what do you think? The breeze is essentialy a pocket sized flying camera, or the ultimate selfie stick.

Update: We are now stocking the Yuneec Breeze Selfie Drone, and should be getting our first batch in about 2 weeks. And as a special to dronetrest members here is a coupon to get £25 off if you order before the end of September, just use coupon code JK564VA59 during checkout.

At £439, it might be quite fun to have just to take some cool aerial photos when you are on the go, targeting the parot bepop 2 market, but it is smaller and lighter (350g vs 500g of the bebop).

It has a 4K camera sensor, that stabilises the footage by cropping the videos down to 1080p. But being small also means its not going to handle much wind. Also I am not a huge fan of using my mobile phone to control the drone on a wifi connection as sometimes the connection is terrible, only giving you 30m range. But as a super transportable and easy to use videography drone it

Here is the launch video

Here is the official blurb from yuneec

The Breeze is a new concept that will bring aerial photography and videography to the mass market.

Imagine a flying action camera that has intelligent flight modes that make it fool proof to fly, combined with 4k video capabilities and a 13MP camera and you will start to understand why the Breeze could be the must have gadget of the year.

With both GPS and Indoor Positioning sensors, auto take-off and landing it can be flown safely both outside and indoors and It’s so compact it can be taken almost anywhere to capture things from the air like never before.

It’s controlled by an app on IOS™ or Android™ devices and it even offers and instant sharing to social media.

The intelligent flight modes include “Selfie”, “Journey”, “Orbit” and “Follow me” which let the Breeze fly itself so you can concentrate on capturing the magic moment in a video or photo. And just in case you’re wondering, it does have a pilot mode too so if you want to just use it as a normal drone you can do that as well!

Key Features

Technical Specifications

12 minutes flight time

Due to the small size, its not rely possible to put a big battery on it, so it only flies for about 12minutes per battery which is nothing like the flight times of something like the phantom 4. However fortunately its possible to add a few extra batteries which can be hot swapped between flights

4K Camera

The camera itself is not mechanical stabilised, so when filming in 4K, you dont have any stabilisation, however when recording in 1080p, the image is electronically stabilised, so assuming its not too windy the videos will look nice and smooth in 1080p. Furthermore the nice thing is that yuneec breeze does not use a fisheye lens, so all your photos and videos should not be distorted.

The camera unit itself can be tilted to face forward, or downwards depending on the type of shot you are after, although I am not too sure if this is something controlled remotely, or if you have to manually set the angle yourself, but i am guessing its manually set.

Initial Impressions

The closest competitor to this I would say is the parot bebop 2, or the zerotech dobby, with the yuneec breeze fitting right in the middle between them. The parot bebop 2 is abit bigger, but can fly for 25min, the breeze is smaller and lighter but can only fly for 12min. The dobby drone can only fly for 9min. But given the size and the primary function, quick 12 min flight to capture some aerial footage might be good enough while you are on the go. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one of them to test. Find out more from unmanned tech shop.

It’s a nice machine for selfies and a little more but should have more than 12 (in reality should be 9 or 10) minutes flight time.
The cherry in the top cake would be more than 15 minutes.
Price : is OK for a 4K camera in this case, a fly cam.

Agreed, but I think having something small that flies for a long time is very hard, as you usually need a bigger drone to be more efficient. But maybe when someone figures out better battery chemistry :battery: : we will have to deal with shorter flight times :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, 5 minutes more in a battery capacity would be better without increase a lot the weight.
I don’t know why in the present time nobody is working in to have drones auto charging with solar energy.
I know that the solar charging is too far from the energy which the electronics need in flight but would be nice
to charge in flight in order to extend the flight time.
Its missing the small and powerfull energy from Iron Man !lol
Breeze in a winding day should be a energy heater to maintain his position in the air due to his low weight.
After all is a Yuneec and we know what to expect from this brand : more and more excelente machines with a very
good after sales support.

I think solar is abit difficult for quadcopters still, but some people are working on it for fixed wing drones , check this article from another user about his solar powered aircraft:

Yes, I know that are people working on this area in fixing wings.
Its a nice idea for a daylight charging for night flights but as you know due to the “hunting” season for drones in some
countries is forbitten to fligh at night.
I hope sincerily that EC go ahead with a comum law for all EU contries and not create regulations individually.
I feel that some people are over reacting with the drones idea, his privacy invasion and so on.
I talk some times with persons who talks about UAV as we look to the sky full of thousands of them flying all time.
If today we had such solar power energy for indefined flight time, that people should be capable to shoot down every
drone in the air… This is the world we have unfortunatly and we’ll see in life people driving and travelling in UAVs.

Hi - am thinking of the Breeze as an ‘inexpensive’ simple SMALL flying camera I can take on a m’bike road trip. I already own a P4 and can’t really justify the expense of a Mavic Pro!

Most vids I see of the Breeze show panning shots that are horribly fast. I know these should be used sparingly but is it even possible to yaw or pan REALLY slowly with the Breeze?