XT-60 Anti Spark

Hi Everyone,

Building my first drone, and I am using 3S 1300 mAh batteries. These come with XT-60 connectors, and my BEC uses them as well. Do I need some kind of anti-spark for them? Everyone says anti-spark is useful and prevents damage in the long run, but XT-60 doesn’t seem to have an anti-spark variant?


I would say its not important with 3s batteries as the voltage is kind of low. You only start getting noticeable sparks with higher voltages such as 6s batteries.

It is also try that in the long run sparks can cause some damage to the connectorsduebto burning. However in reality that can take many hundreds/ thousands of times to cause any issues. I personally have been using lipo batteries for a heck of a long tie and have never had any issues due to sparking damaging contacts. Also if it was a major issue, you would always get anti spark connectors as standard.

So its never a bad thing if you have anti spark connectors (particularly at high voltages). But the is no point to replace connectors just for antispark. However you can get anti spark xt 60 connectors.

So for your build, since you already have XT60 I would just keep it as is. If you have any issues when building your drone please feel free to ask and also do share your progress :smile:. l always enjoy reading build logs.

Thanks! Could you point me to anti spark XT 60 connectors? I am afraid my google-fu is failing me.

The link I previously used was for XT 90 connectors as it seems no-one actually makes anti-spark connectors in the XT60 size.

Otherwise if you need some extra spark/short protection for your XT60 connectors then getting some plastic XT60 end caps.

For anyone who ends up here after searching for XT60 anti-spark connectors: note that if you look at the connectors in @unmannedtech1 's reply, those are actually labelled XT90.

Oops, thanks for pointing that out, will get the post changed