Wizzard X220 organ donar status

I am happy to see my Wizzard live on…it took me all of 3 months to destroy the Eachine Wizzard X220…mine came with SP Racing F3 Cleanflight Flight Controller…purchased off eBay with a “Bricked” flight controller, never flown when I purchased the bundle of joy…
I “unbricked” the FC and. Reflashed with Betaflight… It flew great, however I broke something every single day I flew it…
No motor issues at all just underpowered it’s a heavy quad
Grossly exaggerated as a legand for it’s overall abilities

I cracked the top plate which is way too thin at 1.5mm, the Receiver smashed into Flight Controller board breaking it in half
I am using the PDB and BlHeli_S ESC’s with new Brotherhobby Returner R5 Deadpool 2306 2650kv motors 26.99 each with a FPV Racing Drone QAV-XS 222 antelope Carbon Stretch-X Quadcopter Frame 4mm