Which Escs to get?

Hey Guys,
I want to Upgrade my 4in1 20amp Esc (s) to 4 30amp Escs.
Which Escs should i buy?
I dont want to spend all my money on it, but im not sure why some Escs arent so expensive
like others?
Like the Racerstar 30amp Escs…
Can you help me with that?
Is it okay, if i buy the Racerstar Escs, or do i need to get some better ones like dys or Little Bee?

Are you definately looking for another 4in1 ESC, or are you willing to consider separate ESC?

Either way if you are after the best performance currently, then looking at ESC’s that run the latest BLheli32 firmware is where you want to look.

For separate ESC, if you are looking for the best, then the Wriath32 ones that we sell are hard to beat with BLHeli32 firmware, current sensor. telemetry support and RGB LED. But if you still want BLheli32 performance at a better price point, our recently released Chaos32 ESC are the ones to go for (slight bias with my answer as we sell them ;-), but also not bias as we test lots of things and only sell what we think are good) We are also going to be releasing some Wraith32 4in1 ESC in the next couple weeks as we are still testing one.

However in my opinion BLheli_S ESC running Dshot600 are still excellent, so not sure what ESC you are currently running so let us know so we can suggest something better. Racerstar ESC’s are also good to use, they dont technicaly use the best components, but I still think they are good especially considering the price.

Thanks Alex,
My Plan was, to NOT buy 4in1 because i hate big stacks :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


If I could chime in, I would like to know the total height of the stack that you are trying to obtain. We build custom drones for competition and height is an issue sometimes…but…there is a ton of engineering that can be done to compensate. This being said, a 4-in-1 with a 30.5 bolt spread, and 1mm-2mm of thickness without anything else is not that bad when you think about it. Especially if you can offset the height by shortening the mounting bolts.

Not trying to argue…please understand that. I am just telling you that I believe I can engineer the same height using a 4-in-1 that you can do without. I am almost sure I can.