What firmware is on the Micro OSD 2.3?

Hi Guys

I’ve just purchased the Micro osd 2.3 (AB7456) from unmanned tech. There isn’t any info supplied with it and just a few pin out diagrams on the net. I’m after 3 bits of info.

What firmware is installed on it (I’m guessing MW OSD R1.6) ?

What is the amp draw?

Can it be flashed and calibrated in betaflight using serial passthrough?


When you have it connected with video viewable on a screen, at power up a splash screen will display software details / version
To be honest I just decide which s/w I want to use, flash it in and then move straight onto setup then I know for sure what I have
In the past I’ve bought them with different s:w installed to what the seller said and even had a ‘empty’ one with MWOSD latest version already on :thinking:
Hope this helps
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


I cant recall off hand which firmware is on the batch we have, but I suggest you use scarab-OSD firmware on it

Here is the pinout if you or anyone needs it (Its also on our product page)

Also I dont have exact specs for power consumption either (just too many products to keep up to date with recently, the designed has not even provided the details!), but I know it uses the AB7456 chip instead of MAX7456 which is considerably more efficient (much lower current) and also more resilient to voltage spikes etc…