We've just finished a huge drones news site!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on a site dedicated to the biggest drone news over the past few months, and thought you guys might be interested to see it.

We’ve carried out a whole load of interviews and research, as well as embedding all the best vids we could find online.

If you’re interested, you can see it here: http://www.dronesfutureskies.com/

Thanks, would love to know what you think!

That is so cool Jack. I am Khalid from Quadcopter reviews. Do you think we can do something together? May be a few resource shares?
Let me know.

Hi Khalid,

Sounds good, what sort of thing did you have in mind?

I can definitely send you some of the most interesting source-material that we’ve used if you like?

The most useful thing for us would be if you could share or review our site on yours, we are not likely to publish more ourselves, but are very interested to generate more attention around our piece.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you,