Check out this Drones quiz!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve created a tricky quiz on the biggest drone-related stories which have been hitting the news!

I thought that you guys might be interested to test your knowledge! You can take the quiz here:

Thanks, I’d love to hear how you get on!

Interesting, although the one thing I do disagree with the question about which area will see the largest commercial drone use as I dont think it will be agriculture. Most farmers have access to satellite imagery relatively cheaply with no effort on their behalf but hardly any of them use it. Its only high value crops where farmers care about these things which is a much smaller percent of the agriculture market.

Not to say your quiz is wrong, as many so called expert organisations are predicting this to be a big application… But I think we are still a very long away away from seeing drones on every farm as they need to get much more automated (drones and data post processing) and cheaper. So thats the quesiton I got wrong…

You did well there, it is quite a tricky quiz, we wanted it to be for those who really knew their stuff, and it looks like you did!

Yes, there is a lot of disagreement over which field drones could prove the most use in, but from the research we cited, it seemed that agriculture was the most promising.

Where do you think drones will prove to have the most commercial use?