Black Friday Drone Deals 2016

Hey all. New to the forum, thanks for having me :slight_smile:

There are some great deals going on this time of year. I found some coming out already. What do you think?

Anyone else have any suggestions? Would appreciate the help!


If anyone sees this, please let me know if you know of any other options!!!

I’m looking to buy a Phantom 4 this weekend and hoping to get the best deal possible

Thanks all and happy Turkey day!! :slight_smile:

The Drone Worx have it at GBP1,099.00, but as I suspect you are in the USA this may not be practical with shipping and tax etc. but they should deduct the UK VAT at 20% for you making it GBP 879.20

OR talk to Alex @unmannedtech1 see if he can do you a ‘special export deal’ :innocent:

Steve :slight_smile:

The best place is direct with DJI as they have some nice offers in older phantoms and even phantom 4. Pity no offers on the mavic or phantom 4 pro :frowning: offer running till 28th

Check out their specials on the DJI black Friday minisite