DJI's Black Friday 2018 sale has officially kicked off!

I know most of us are all FPV pilots, but grabbing a deal on a DJI drone should not be overlooked :slight_smile:

For me the best offer is the the Mavic Air (my favourite DJI drone right now) with a discount of £100… chuck it in your flight bag to have a nice relaxing flight to get some impressive footage before or after your FPV session :slight_smile:

Check out the Black Friday deals here


I agree !
I bought a Mavic PRO to be able to concentrate on photography, it almost flies itself ! especially using LITCHI on missions
But I still get great enjoyment from building my own stuff and trying to fly it :joy::joy:

Yeah litchi is awesome :slight_smile:

And yeah DJI do own the market when it comes to aerial photography…