Warm motors after landing

Just want to know from the experienced guys out there, how hot is too hot? My motors are warm to the touch wether I hover or give it some beans, after a minute or five, should I play around with my motors timing? Or is everything fine and I should let everything be as is? I’ve got a set of F40 pro 2400Kvs.


It’s normal for them to get warm, and even hot in some cases if you have been pushing hard. It’s when they start glowing red you know you probably pushed them too hard :fire:.

Check the t-motor thrust table, they show it gets to about 70 degrees on 4s when running full throttle for 10min. High temp for long times can damage the magnets in the motor.


Thanks a lot for the info. useful stuff :slight_smile:

It it possible that your Motor screws are too long. …
This May heat the motors up… Maybe you should Check this also :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s a good point, forgot about that.