Walkera Scout X4 quickstart videos

The purpose of this page is to gather various tutorial and help videos all related to the scout X4. If you have made, or found a usefull video then please post it on this page!

Scout X4 Assembly/quick-start Video

This video gives you an overview of the parts included with the scout X4 and also goes through the basic assembly steps you need to complete before flight, such as attaching the quick release props, brushless gimbal etc…

Charging your Scout X4 Battery

This videos shows you how to connect your scout battery to the B6 charger and also how to set the B6 charger to charge your battery.

Connecting to the GCS and calibrating the compass

This video shows you how to connect to the Bluetooth ground station including some information about the usage of the android app for the scout X4. Towards the end of the video you will see how to perform the compass calibration.

Android GCS App overview

This video shows some more details on using the android GCS including how to arm the motors on your scout X4.

Auto Takeoff Tutorial

This video goes through the produce to enable auto-takeoff with the GCS app.

Auto Landing Tutorial

This video shows you how to perform an autonomous landing with your scout X4 quadcopter.

Scout X4 Auto Return to Home

This video illustrates the one key return to home feature on the scout X4 quadcopter.

Scout X4 Mission Planning Tutorial

This video show you how to plan an autonomous way-point based mission on your scout X4 quadcopter using the android GCS app.

Remote control using the accelerators in your tablet.

Another cool feature of the GCS app is the ability to control your scout X4 using the motion sensors in your tablet but just tilting it.