Vfly X150 - a micro quad that flies for 14min ⌚

A few days ago I posed about a quad that can fly for 4 hours… although this is only useful for commercial applications, but I have been talking with Vfly and they have recently released a new 150 size quadcopter, creatively called the X150!

Vfly make some solid products, and although they are not the fastest I like them as they have been well designed, and in the case of the R130, they are quite efficient. Following in this trend Vfly claim that the X150 has a flight time of 14min using a 850mAh battery which is impressive for a tiny quad! This is a fresh approach as many manufacturers are pushing for the fastest quad (which has its benefits), but for normal skill level pilots (like myself) having something with decent power but a longer flight time is more enjoyable…

Here is a video showing the claimed flight time

But this claim should be taken with a pinch of salt, as when flying FPV you will not be just hovering like that

I will be getting a sample unit in about a week, so will have a full review ready soon, but for now if you are looking for a neat FPV quad that fits under the 250g weight limit (with battery) and still flies a long time this might just be the best option!

Find out more info at the Vfly website: X150 | VIFLY Racing Drone

I had great fun with this little pocket rocket. but i need a spare motor now.
They are SunnySky’s i’ve read somewhere, anyone know what to use for replacements?