Using Android Tablet to Control NAZA

I bought a Tesco Hudl Android Tablet purely to update the control system on my DJI NAZA M V2 and NAZA M Light ‘at the field’. Probably some of you will know what I am about to say, the tablet does not support the windows or mac formats. I have contacted the NAZA support department but they say they only produce the two formats already mentioned. Does anybody out there know of an android package that can handle windows formats or a way around this problem please.

Right now DJI does not provide anyway to control your NAZA quadcopter from an android device. They do sell an iPad and PC ground station that does open up a bunch of features

However you might want to consider ordering one of our open source options such as APM2.6 autopilot with a telemetry kit, as it does have a compatible android app to setup, set waypoints and fly your quadcopter.

Hi There and thank you for your reply.

I may not have explained myself properly, the main reason I wish to have an android tablet interact with the DJI Naza M 2 and Light, is to alter the PID settings ‘on the field’ if necessary rather than have to return to my house and connect my quodcopter and hex copter to my desktop computer.