Unable to bind eMAX Tinyhawk to FRSky QX7 Controller

I have just bought a Tiny hawk and am unable to bind it with my FRSky QX7 controller. I have it in D8 mode and set the Quad in Betaflight to FRSKY in Reciever. Pressed bind button and nothing. Just keeps flashing at me. Tried multiple times, also following along with youtube videos on how to do this.

Can anyone pls assist?

The bind button is under the the front left prop got mine to bind will not arm

you have to hold the bind button in, then power up the Tinyhawk for it to enter bind mode

I know where the bind button is as per my email. I was wondering if anyone knows why it wont bind.

I have managed to get this to bind finally. I have read on the internet or YouTube I forgot which one, that due to the board on the Tinyhawk S, you don’t have to hold the bind button down then add power. You can add power, then click the bind button. This worked for me 1st time. The instructions with the quad didn’t work.

Just noticed that I didn’t mentioned it was the Tinyhawk S, so apologies for missing this off.