UBLOX NEO-7N Operation

I have a couple of questions regarding the NEO-7N GPS module I bought recently.
I am using it as the primary GPS on my Pixhawk, with the original LEAH-6 moved onto the auxiliary serial port as backup/secondary GPS.
Can anyone tell me what LEDs I should see on the NEO?
The original LEAH module has one green LED solid and one blue LED flashing, whereas the NEO only has one solid green LED, never a blue - is this normal?
When the Pixhawk is powered up, I sometimes get “BAD GPS HEALTH” and nearly always “HIGH GPS HDOP” on mission planner.

Any info would be appreciated.


I cant remember the LED’s off by heart but will look hook one up and see what the LED’s do and will get back to you.

As for the HDOP values, it might suggest that something it wrong with your GPS module, or how you have mounted it. What are the HDOP values like compared with your older LEAH-6 module? :satellite: ?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Not sure what the HDOP values are, I’m fairly new to the Pixhawk/APM world and it’s bit of a steep learning curve.
I do eventually get a GPS lock, so I’m assuming either it’s working or dropping back to the LEAH-6. Only the LEAH module shows a blue LED. I’ll have a dig around in Mission Planner and find the HDOP values for each.
The description of the NEO-7N module says it’s been pre-configured for APM/Pixhawk use, I found a useful YouTube article here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIgs3UCLfd0 by one of the developers on how to upload/check the UBLOX through the APM/Pixhawk using the UBLOX sftware.
I’ll do some further investigation and post the results.

Sorry about the delays, but I just got around to testing with my Neo 7N GPS, and as soon as it has a 3D lock a blue LED starts to flash so if yours is not flashing there might be a poor connection, or its just not getting a lock. My suggestion would be to just connect a single GPS (the 7N) to your autopilot and check just to make sure the problem is not to do with the 2 modules not getting enough power.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’m away from home for work at the moment, as soon as I get back I’ll give this a try. Definitely not getting any blue LEDs on the NEO, though the original LEAH does show a flashing blue LED.
Post on here when I’ve tried it out.