Has the NEO-M8N GPS changed? (no power LED)

For a worrying few minutes I though the M8N I just got from unmanned-tech was faulty.

On powering up I got a brief flicker from the blue LED then nothing. No red power LED, no flashing blue “getting a lock” LED and a “No GPS fix” message on the planner screen.

Because the latter suggested that the GPS could be seen I waited and, after 20 minutes the planner reported a lock and the blue light on the M8N started to flash. Still no red power light though.

Am I correct in assuming that this is a deliberate design change, possibly a way to trim a few more mA off the power consumption?

No worries…
My Ublox does not have a red LED
The blue starts ‘off’ then flashes when GPS ‘locked’
There is no longer a steady blue state.
Steve :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I will update our description page as we received a couple support emails about this. Our latest batch no longer have a power LED. To check it has power the blue LED will flash on for a second (probably less than a full second) when it first has power connected, and then will flash once it has a lock.

Sorry about the confusion and initial worries about when it arrived!

No problem. Thanks for the quick response.

The initial flash on mine is about 1/10 of a second - blink and you’ll miss it!

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I have had mine about 4 months - though I will never know when it was manufactured and distributed and resold to the eBay seller I use.
Power indictor is Green - sat search is slow flashing blue.
The easiest way to check is probly using your "ground station! the Cleanflight multiclones variety, LibrePilot or whatever you use - presuming it give information of the number of sats you are showing.
There is also the uBlox centre online - which you will need to access at some point.

Myself - I have two Revolution FC and the M8N - to be honest I got so pigged off forever messing with settings that change and software that does not really work well - I gave up!
I purchased the Nasa M Lite - which took all of ten minutes to set up. As long again to sort out a 2 3 way switches
and its up and flying…altitude hold is a dream.

1 Revolution FC A$65 fromBangood.
I got two hoping for one good one - I got 2 good ones!
1 M8N A$29.50 off eBay total: A$94.50 + hours of time sorting it all out.

Nasa M Lite cost me A$100.

I have also just had delivery of the Nasa M v2 It cost me A$198 off Foxtechfpv - and its brilliant… but it depends what you want to do when flying it!