Turnigy help please

Hi, I’m sure there is simple answer to my question.
I’m building a s550 hex drone.
I’m going to use a turnigy 9x for my radio control.
What do you set as the model type as it doesn’t show drone. Only airplane, glider or helicopter.
Thank you

You cant control a quad/hex/whatever with just a receiver and radio. It needs a flight controller as well to process flight information and PID loop, along with some GPS automation if that’s your thing. If you get a receiver for it that can output a serial signal, like IBus, SBUS, or whatever, then you hook it up to the flight controller, and that will take the inputs and translate it into the actual movements of the drone

i assume you’ve done a little research and know what you need, as for the model choice it doesn’t matter what you pick , but aeroplane and glider will have the four main controls set on sticks correctly.

Thank you all for the replies.
The drone is actually built and electrics in place. However it was the transmitter specifically I was unsure what set up I needed.
Now i know I can use airplane I can now finish the rest of the set up.