Throttle curve on a switch

Hello everyone i looking for some info on setting up throttle curves on a switch. I have been flying multirotors for about a year i have built 4 now and my son has started using the one i learned on the Eachine Racer 250. I have the FS-i6 transmitter with the 10 channel firmware and have it set with a low throttle curve so he can learn without the quad shotting off on him. I recently purchased the turnigy evolution and it doesn’t allow setup of curves like the i6. I would like to do it in Betaflight and on a switch like 2 profiles one for him and one for me when i want to fly it. Thanks for the help. Sorry to be long winded

If you go to the receiver tab within betaflight, you can adjust the throttle expo/rates there. However you can also play with the expo and rates within the PID tab to also make the quad abit more docile to fly for a beginner :slight_smile: