No linear throttle on Succex d f7 with jumper t16

Hi Guys I’ve set everything up as Joshua Bardwell says but my throttle doesn’t seem to work in a upward curve.The throttle on betaflight looks linear .I arm it to get the motors running that works fine then it works up to about a quarter throttle linear but as soon as I get near half throttle it almost goes full throttle.Also on this point in seems a constant rpm and won’t let me lower the throttle at all.Do you think the esc needs calibrating ?I’ve calibrated the T16 or has my flight controller got faulty esc’s?

Been advised by Unmanned tech that this is normal without props on. Never knew this and didn’t fancy flying whilst it was like this.
So attached props and flew in the garden absolutely awesome. Many thanks to Alex and Cameron for helping a newbie.

Thanks for sharing the solution incase anyone else has a similar issue to you.

Hope you have managed to have some successful flight :slight_smile:

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