The Best Lipo Battery Charger for your Drone



Since all our quadcopters and fixed wing aircraft run on electric power, having a decent battery charger is very important to ensure your batteries last a long time and you get the most out of them. Its also important to have a quality charger from a safety point of view.

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Because it is only 4s comabtible does that mean you can’t charge in parallel?



Just means you can only charge up to 4s in parallel, but i onto suggest you only charge in parallel if you k ow what you are doing and all your packs already have very similar cell voltages and don’t require balancing. Or you can use the q200 charger :slight_smile:


Thanks for quick reply! Know of any parallel boards that have a 4s balance port ?


Here are two suggestions for either iSDT Chargers:

SC-608 - it’s easy to buy an old laptop brick of 120W@19v or something… just change the plug for an XT60 and you done! (I had one lying around)

SC-620 - this one needs a beefier PSU. I’m using an HP 725W Server PSU, you can find them in e-bay for very cheap prices. With this one, I will be assembling a rack with one SC-620, one Q6+ and two SC-608, all connected to this PSU. (yes, I know the 4 of them working at full power would largely exceed the 725W of the PSU, but I just want the versatility of having 4 independent chargers, and I doubt I will ever reach the PSU rated power.)

I already owned both the D100 and the Q200, and IMHO the user interface of the iSDTs is way better. The iSDTs are also much more efficient in balancing battery cells (the SkyRCs can sometimes waste a lot of time trying to do so in the final milivolts, without ever being able to do it effectively). With 6S batteries or even with very large 4S batteries, you are limited to slow charging (charging a 4S 8000mAh @ 1C exceeds 100W limit per channel of the D100 or the Q200).



Good suggestions and thanks for offering some ideas of actual power supply units one could use with the idst chargers :slight_smile:


Hi all.

:rage: Warning :rage:

SC-608 does NOT have reverse polarity protection and it’s very quick to tell you

Anybody know how to get inside one?

Steve :slight_smile:


Sorted it :grinning:
Entry gained by removing top decal panel, there is a hole through case that allowed me to push a rod through gently and the panel lifts at a corner, scalpel blade gently round the perimeter and it came off with no damage.
4 screws and top plastic panel lifted off, disconnected the screen ribbon cable, and finally four screws by the XT60 connectors allowed the PCB to lift out. Care here as potentiometer connects on a fixed four way header.
The unit had ‘fused’ throw the vias at input XT60 negative terminal, a silicon wire link (20awg) from the connector to input capacitor negative connection was fitted and :grinning: hooray :grinning:, it now works again.
Reassembled and now as good as new, well almost !!.

HTH anybody else in same situation one day

Steve :slight_smile:


Hi! I just wanted to ask if the Accucell S60 from hobbyking is the same as Skyrc s60?


I dont think its the same as the s60… but it certainly looks like it is a copy of it as has same functionality… If it was built by skyrc I am sure they would of highlighted this fact, but it probably just uses some cheaper parts to keep the price down… But if it works well then not a bad price as I do like the S60 as a general charger.


Thanks for responding

I can get the Skyrc imax b6 mini ( and the psu ) for just u few $ more than I would pay for the Skyrc s60. Do you think it’s worth it? I don’t mind that the s60 charges only 2-4 cells cause that’s what I’m using on my rc’s


I think s60 is better than b6 as I always use my s60 over the b6. Then only thing better about b6 is that it supports up to 6s lipo… whereas the s60 is only uptown 4s. But I also mainly only fly on 3or 4s I go for the s60 :-). And then you can use d100 if you get serious! :electric_plug:


Thanks for the info
Ok, that settles it, I’m buying the S60 from Skyrc. Banggood has it for around 39 usd if you use a coupon code ‘charger2’. The regular price is 48.79$. Only it’s currently out of stock but expected to be back on 10th September


While waiting for the S60 to get restocked I came across this charger - Eachine D800 dual input ac/dc charger. Do you know anything about it, how good is it compared to the S60? On paper it looks decent… and only 37 usd with a coupon (on banggood)



The eachine d800 does look like on paper it’s a comparable charger to the s60… and maybe better since it is 80W Vs the 60W on s60, plus it supports up to 6s. So as long as it works as advertised it junk that will be a decent option too. I might actually get one to test as it also supports external temp sensor… but if you do go for that one let us know how you find it :slight_smile: