Testiment to the IRIS

Not ground breaking stuff, hardly a thrilling 3D session, but I have had my IRIS hovering about 4 foot off the ground for the first time tonight.

OK, I never pretended to be a rotary wing flyer, I have a T-Rex 450 which has been used so much you cannot see the blue anodised bling for a coat of dust about a foot thick… I would guess it is at least 6 years since I tried flying it and even then the best I ever managed was to hover about 2 foot off the ground for about 20 seconds before putting it back down before panic attack set in!

So managing to hover the IRIS at all is good indication of how far things have come in stabilisation, doing it four foot off the deck even more so, but I did it indoors in my tiny one bedroom flat. If that still sounds a bit boring, also consider that I work from home and my room is full of boxes of materials, more boxes of finished cat toys, extension leads, bag sealers, rolls of layflat tube, reams of paper, a makeshift workbench and gawd knows what else cluttering the place up.

The area I had to fly it in was 2 x wider and 2 times longer than the IRIS its self - It does not need to move very far to hit something and die a fast painful death!

My pal begged to see it hover, and was not content with a few inches so shouting higher, higher while laughing uncontrollably. So higher I went, and settled out at about 4 foot up, and found I could fairly easily keep the thing in place with little nudges of the sticks.

It is not something I intend to make a habit of, especially as I have 4 cats roaming round the place, but I think there is an extremely good chance I might turn up at the next indoor flight session organised by local model shop :smile:

I am very impressed with the new gadget, even better a gadget I will/ can actually use :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your story and excitement of your first flight! Another thing you could consider when flying outdoors is fly in loiter mode. Not very good practice but quite safe. If you let go of the sticks in this mode the Iris quad will hold its position.

I was planning on using loiter, then I read that you should really learn without the gps modes before using them…

Then I saw Sport mode :smiley: