Swell Pro 2 Gimbal on Custom Drone

I actually am attempting to use the SwellPro 2 axis camera/Gimbal on a custom drone I am assembling. The attachments show the leads from the gimbal to the inside of my drone. I cannot figure how to connect this to make it functional. Do I bneed a “gimbal control board” as an interface? I am really stuck, any help most appreciated!

Pin signal for the femal connector on the SAR Gimbal

I do think you will be better off using some of the compnents from the drone to build a DIY version for half the price… :+1:

Judging my those pin-outs I am fairly confident that te controller will be already integrated since the gimbal pitch and roll will likely just be PWM signals like you would get from an R/C controller. I also noticed that the swell pro uses a version of ardupilot firmware so the gimbal itself should definitely be easy to integrate. Just hook up the gimbal pitch and roll (if you even want to adjust roll) and camera control, to the outputs of your APM/Pixhawk and set them to be gimbal control signals in the mission planner software.

For camera control you will probably need to play around with that, but I think max PWM will be to start video, min will be take photo, and middle will be to stop recording. (or the opposite way around). I dont have the swell pro anymore as we needed to send it back as we only got to test it out.

Many thanks Alex! If I were to “bench test” this camera/gimbal before installing it, is it safe to apply +12 volts and GND to the respective leads?


Making some progress…just got back from the shop after doing continuity tests with the multimeter. There is continuity between +12 V power in and GND. Also continuity between +5V power in and Camera control.