Suggestions - Fast quad

I’ve been thrown a challenge at my local flying club - produce a quad that will fly as quick as a base level pylon racer (approx 115mph). I’m thinking 6S battery, 1750 (ish) motors, 5050 props, a thin lightweight frame and a very high angle FPV camera.
Anybody have any other suggestions for getting a quad to go fast as possible?

no that will probably do it… don’t for get to spec some high amp esc’s to take the load…

6s will be a must, I would even look at 1900kv for speed runs. I use 1900kv with 90% scale throttle limit for racing and it pushes 120mph no problems. Also for escs, run at least a 45amp for higher KV motors. I look forward to the dvr lol

Thanks Doomed, Peski - I’ve got some ol 60A ESC’s that sound like they’d be perfect for this build. I’ll buy some 1900Kv motors too. Will let you know how I get on :slight_smile: