6s FPV racing drone!

As some of you may know the DRL has recently set the world record for the top speed achieved by a quadcopter, their record currently stands at 163MPH!

Wherein the DRL used a 10s build (2x5s Tattu batteries) to achieve the title.

In my opinion this isn’t the most efficient way to reach that speed as with smaller builds on a 3-4" prop/motor you can achieve speeds around 150MPH without much effort. I say this because most of these high end 3000kv+ motors can handle 400W or more, supporting up to 4s batteries on specific models.

So many of you are now wondering how we at UnmannedTech plan to not only beat this record, but we don’t want to end there… No we plan to surpass the 200MPH mark! Again, some of you may also be wondering why this even matters or why going 200MPH is important… But I guess to us it is :confused:

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions or just wants to get involved in this project please do, it would be pretty interesting to find out how far we’ve come as an industry!

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You will have to build it extremely light, maybe ditch carbon fibre for something lighter. If you were to keep carbon then you should have 1-2mm bottom plate and that’s all. Every gram would be essential to lose?

What do you think ?

I am up for the challenge. We have about 1000 motors in stock right now and I love to cut new frames for racing. I believe that we can beat this if given the proper time…to put it all together…but then again…top speed is one thing…straight shot…race track …deal! I am in…and will put some money to boot!

Intresting. I think that the motors would be probably the most important thing. Something with high kv would work well. 1407 3800-4300 kv on 4 inch would go well if you run hem on 5-6s. Naked bottoms would defiantly help with weight

Well I just landed in vegas to fly and get some footage but I return Sunday and this will be our new company project starting Sunday! I love a challenge!!

Tell us how you get on! Would love to have some input

Not so important to me. But I looking forward good news from you guys.