Streak F4 v1.1 connection diagram


I am interested in purchase the Streak F4 1.1:

Can you provide a connection diagram or at least indicate how to connect the Vbat, it seems, based on the pictures that there are two Vbat connections?

Thank you

I have not yet had a chance to get a full manual written up for this yet, but for now I have the pinout here:

Streak V1.1 Top Pinout

Streak V1.1 Bottom Pinout

And yes there are two Vbat inputs, but the main one is that located next to the current sensor pins. The second is actually left from the older v1 board which had the option to short that pin with RAM to bypass the the built in regulator if you where using an external BEC. If you look at our images on our site the pinout above is actually different from the photos as we need to update them! If you need know know anything else in the meantime just let me know.