Streak (Airbot) F4 Dual - because one gyro is not enough

As you may know, the choise of IMU (gyro) can make or break a flight controller for FPV racing quadcopters. There is a balance between vibration tolerance and update speed that are usually contradictory factors (see gyro comparison).

But now airbot has just released the Airbot F4 Dual (we call it the streak as it fits in with our streak series of boards for legacy reasons).

But the Airbot F4 Dual features two gyros on the same board. As of now, betaflight does not support simultaneous use of both gyros at teh same time, but it does allow you to select which one you want to use. This gives you the ability to directly compare both IMU’s on the same platform. But most importantly it gives you the flexibility to either switch to teh super sensitive and fast ICM gyro, or if you have some vibration issues you can rather use the trusty MPU6000.

Reasons to use the MPU6000

Essentially the MPU6000 has grown to be the most popular gyro to use on your flight controller as it has excellent vibration tolerance, but is limited to 8Khz update rate. If you are running your flight control loop faster (not much point) then you are essentially using old gyro data between the time it takes to read data from the gyro.

Reasons to use the ICM20608

Due to the sensitivity of the ICM20608 you shoud still soft mount your FC to get the best performance. However assuming you dont have any vibration issues you can crank your gyro updates up to 32Khz, and have your PID loop at the same speed, so everything is in sync. With a well tuned quad, this will give you unmatched levels of performance, especially after taking advantage of the betaflight notch filter.

What also do you get with the Airbot F4 Dual

The Airbot F4 Dual is probably the best bare-bones F4 FC currently available. It has all the basics checked, like a proper 5V BEC, so you can power it directly from your flight battery. It also has a SD card reader so you can log to your hearts content to get the best possible tune with your FPV quad. You also have some level of safety because if one gyro ever fails then you can always switch to the other one and carry on using this board. So if you liked the Omnibus series of boards but dont care for a built in OSD, this is the next best FC.

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