Spedix GS40 is frying Motor 1

Hi all.
I’m Fairly new to “Building” Quads, but haven’t had any issues so far.
Just built a new drone with Spedix GS40 ESC and Matek F405 STD with DYS Samgufk 2306 motors.
On starting up/configuring, Motor 1 is FRYING!! all others are fine.
Checked and double checked the soldering. All is Good.
Any ideas what could be causing this?
Thanks in Advance.

Did the motor fry when just testing the motors without props on?

Could you also let us know what motors and battery you are using.

But for now, if you swap another motor to the same output 1 and run it for a second or twoyou should see if it’s the ESC at fault or not… just don’t let it run for very long I case it is the ESC… if the motor gets very hot after only a second or two (without props) then it’s likely the ESC.

But in my experience it’s usually the motor that is faulty and not the ESC, particularly with expensive ESC like the gs40A

Currently been worked on over at the discord server…

So have we have established a problem with ESC 1.
By moving motor 1 to motor 2 and the motor then functions normally.

Waiting to confirm settings on BLheli

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it, either here or on discord… once we do can mark the solution here incase someone else has a similar issue