Skystars Star-Lord Delivery late

has any one ordered their Star Lord from Gear-best this year and received it
i ordered mine in January at $160 and its still not arrived apparently due to “popular demand”
i see the price has also increased to $203 the latest date given for dispatch is May 20, fingers crossed but i have had dates for every month so far and they are all missed , i’m curious if my $160 buy is taking a back seat to $203 orders

I know there has been a lot of controversy with that particular model for Gearbest (AKA GearWorst) as they released it at a lower price, it got solid reviews so they cranked the price right up. Unfortunately, you’re probably right. All you can do is pester them over and over. Ordering from them and Banggood (AKA Bangbad) is always a risk as this is the sort of crap they are known to pull :confused:

cheers buddy ill let everyone know if it arrives

best regards