Simulator using x-lite on Mac OS

NI have a MacBook Pro which I want to run Velocidrone. I need to purchase a transmitter and the x-lite looks good to me. I have a couple of questions;

  1. Can the x-lite work with my Mac without using a virtual machine?

  2. If yes what additional hardware/cables do I need.

If the x-lite is no good what other radio should I use. Should I wait for a Navana?

Many thanks

I can’t say for sure as I’ve not seen one or used Velocidrone on a Mac… but

Velocidrone is compatible with Mac and there is a free trial
The X-Lite does have a USB port and runs OpenTX

So I would say the chances of it working are high.

I also dont use Mac so am not much help, but you should just be able to connect it to your PC via USB cable and the X-lite should switch to USB device mode and act like any other joystick/gamepad. Just make sure you turn on your X-Lite first so it doesnt start as USB storage device. I had a quick look and saw some usb videos of the older X9D working with Mac by just plugging it in, so the X-lite should also work.

Only if you want to be sick :face_vomiting: each time you look at the radio :P… but besides my personal opionion on the looks, I honestly dont think its a very good radio as initial reviews are all saying the gimbals are just like the ones used in the Flysky I6… a rather budget radio…

Hi DoomedFPV and Unmannedtech,

Thanks for your help. I think I’ll go for the x-lite. I’ll report back with my experience when I’ve mad my purchase.

Thanks again