Scout x4 video link

Has anyone had a problem with the video link on a Walkera Scout x4? Mine has failed after just a few days and despite fitting a new sender unit no picture is being received on the transmitter. As I have spotted on previous topics, Walkera offer no help whatsoever and in fact do not respond in any way. Anyone considering one of these very expensive quads I would be very careful. Apart from the problem I have mentioned the other serious matter is the much vaunted and advertised ‘ground station’ which is supposed to be available via iPad and iPhone. No such luck I’m afraid as apparently Apple are yet to approve its use on their devices. As I say, be very careful and wait for this machine to be properly developed before investing.
In the meantime, if anyone can offer a solution to my video link problem, I’d be much obliged.

Just in case anyone else has this issue, I have been talking with @Stew via email about this and the issue seems to be with the Gopro cable so we will get a replacement sent to him as soon as Walkera are back from holidays.