Rotor Riot Bridge Dive 🌉 - what do you think?

Was reading the news and got abit sick of seeing news about how drones are a risk to the public… or someone has some great ideas to impose some regulations, so I headed to youtube and came across the rotor riot bridge dive video…

On the face of it, it is kind of spectacular, but its also breaking the law… maybe rotor riot are getting abit careless with their attempts to gain publicity?

Best commentary that I tend to agree with on this video is from Bruce as you can expect :slight_smile:

I mean bridge dives are great, but surely there are other bridges (like a railway bridge) not on main highway that they could of used for this video?

What do you think? I dont think its just me being cynical when reading the comments on the bridge dive video…

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I think that they are pushing the limits. A lot of small cities, like mine, are on the fence about drones. My local city council gave a neutral response to them, “Do it safely and in areas that pose no risk to the public, follow state and federal laws.”

But if people are starting to do dangerous things, that neutrality or even timid support goes away. And its not the bridge dive that is the issue in my opinion, its what does it lead to. This week its bridge dives, next, through busy parking garages. A line has to be drawn before someone gets the bright idea to race one through a busy super market.

I love flying my drone, and talking to kids, parents and anybody vaguely interested, but if they see “Drone mauls innocent bystander” in the news or on social media, that interest turns into disdain or worse.

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