QGroundControl 2.0 tech preview

Have a look at the video below showing off whats to come with the all new (cross platform) GPS for the PX4/pixhawk systems! Looks great so far!

Features Include

  • Open-source MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol with lightweight serialization functions for microcontrollers
  • Windows / Linux / MacOS support
  • 2/3D aerial maps (Google Earth support) with drag-and-drop waypoints
    -In-flight manipulation of waypoints and onboard parameters (in EEPROM)
  • Real-time plotting of sensor and telemetry data
  • Logging and plotting of sensor logs
  • Support for UDP, serial (radio modem) and mesh networks
  • Supports multiple Autopilots (pxIMU, ArduPilotMega, SLUGS, MatrixPilot/UAVDevBoard, many more)
  • MAVLink protocol supports up to 255 vehicles in parallel and project-specific custom messages can be added
  • Head-up-display, support for digital video transmission/display
  • Competition-proven at IMAV and EMAV competitions (QGroundControl was used in the EMAV 2009 1st place Indoor Autonomy entry)