GPS and Betaflight

I just had a thought, when will Betaflight include position hold and return to home in their GPS settings. Other platforms do but all we get is rescue mode and thats it. Has anyone heard if this will eventuate anytime soon. Yes I know, if you don’t like it change platforms, but all my quads run Betaflight and it works great, and it would be a pain in the butt to change them all over so I think I will just live in hope :roll_eyes:.
Does anyone have any other thoughts on this ?


Personally I hope it never happens.

Betaflight is all about performance. Adding code for full GPS support eats up precious firmware memory space and really hobbles all out racing performance. If you don’t believe me just ask the folks running iNav. BTDT. Even so, where iNav really shines is with long range fixed wing pilots.

Here’s a clue for ya: Do F1, NASCAR, SCCA, IMSA, NHRA, IHRA, MOTO GP, and Reno Air Racers use GPS?

FYI, I run BetaFlight on my racers. On my “big boys” I run Pixhawks and ArduCopter.

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Ok ,point taken, at least I know why now.
Thank you Clifton_Hipsher for pointing that out for me.