Puppy Rescue You Have Never Seen Before 💩

This looks totally rigged to me… they didn’t show the dog being hooked up (which was probably done by a person), and the so called robotic arm looks more like a fabric harness. I guess if you get a puppy involved the media believe anything as the video has over 300k views already! What do you think?

A New Delhi engineer used a customized drone to rescue a puppy stuck in a drain slurry. The man, Milind Raj, builds robots for a living and has experience working with AI. After finding the puppy, Raj decided to add a claw and harness to his existing six-rotor drone. The robotic arm included built-in sensors that monitored the animal’s heart rate to make sure the grip wasn’t too tight. The retractable harness gave support to the puppy’s neck to ensure safety and comfort. On his YouTube page, Raj said that he built the robotic arm in six hours

Built the robotic arm in six hours???

So he left the puppy down there while he designed, built and tested the drone to rescue the puppy and no body had a ladder?

and then there’s this…

  • Picture 1 - Puppy with neck strap? how did they get it around the puppy’s neck.

  • Picture 2 - Wheres the neck strap gone?

The puppy doesn’t look as secure any more

I’m calling fake news on this one.

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Haha well spotted… and quite funny comments… I just feel sorry for the poor dog :dog2:

I am still surprised when new sites report on things like this… but one can argue if huffingtom post is a real new site :stuck_out_tongue: