Drones and Santa

So its only a few days before Christmas :christmas_tree: so I think its time we can start talking about it! Do you have any funny videos, or images related to drones and Christmas?

Here are my favorite ones so far

In this video, Abel Rodriguez create a rather cool camera rig for his camera on the quadcopter to capture some unique footage of a creepy looking Santa riding on a quadcopter.

This one by Brian Martin created a DIY santa delivery drone and created a humorous video about it

And along the same theme of drone delivery here is one by dave granlund on santas :santa: plans to replace the reindeer with drones.

I will add some more as I find them, otherwise if you know of any good videos or images that I missed feel free to add them below!

And Merry Christmas to everyone! :christmas_tree::gift::santa:

My guess is that the drone must of hit a cable or something as it definitely came crashing down to the ground hard. Fortunately it did not hit anyone.