Problems with ping1090i


I bought a ping1090i to integrate on my pixhawk 2.1 (Cube) but as soon as I connect it after doing all the configuration it messes up my FC. I loose gps reception and my imu is getting errors. Does someone here have a clue what could be wrong?

Which firmware are you running on your pixhawk?

Im running the PX4 firmware, another problem is that it dosn’t seem to show on flightradar. We tried it next to a airport while talking to the tower at the same time to see if they could se us on the radar but they couldn’t.

Hi, when using it with a pixhawk it will only send local aircrafts position back to the pixhawk. The ADS-B transmitter data is captured via the onboard GPS/Sensors on the ping 1090i.

That said, if it is not transmitting any data, have you followed the setup guide

Particularly the control selection, where you have 3 options:

  • TX enabled: Transmit ADS-B message at one second intervals, receive is also enabled.
  • Receive: Receive only, transmit disabled.
  • Standby: ADS-B in/out disabled.

Before it will transmit you also need a valid ICAO number (converted to 8 digit hexadecimal) and callsign

Hope this helps :slight_smile: