Please Help! My quadcopter won't fly

Okay, so I have a quadcopter/drone whose model is LH-X4. The problem is that my Li-Po battery just died and I have also taken out the drone also after a long time and now I have moded it run on a power bank. But when i start to give throttle a point comes when the drone just powers off without even lifting. I have tried raising it very slowly but everytime it just powers off automatically when I raise the throttle to that certain point. I don’t know wheter this is an issue of the drone or the Power bank please help me fix this problem.

link to drone

My tip number one would be, to buy a spare battery… Never change something on these “RTF 20$ amazon drones”… They cant lift any weight more as Themselves and maybe 20g.

Tip Two:
Every good Powerbank shuts itself of, when the Objekt (that it should charge ) is full. So… your PB thinks, that your drone is fully charged … and shuts itself of…

Please post a link of the powerbank too…

Hope you understand everything… Sorry for my bad Englich…

PS: It is VERY difficult to help with this sort of drones, because (I Think) nobody knows something about there software etc.

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I agree these toy grade drones are great fun to fly, and to learn to fly but they are not designed to be repairable. You can fix them but it’s usually more expensive than buying a new one.

Same problem occured in my drone