Phantom2, zenmuse h3 3d gcu v2 and naza pmu v2

Hi all,
I am trying, and i do mean trying, to update a phantom 2 using the above.
Do i need to remove the interference board assembly before? is it needed?
Simple answers please, dumbass at work :smile:Thanks


Is there any reason why you are upgrading your phantom to to the NAZA v2? As the phantom 2 essentialy has the Naza-m v2 built in, although it uses slightly different firmware so its not called naza-m v2. I understand that you want to add the zenmuse h3 though, but that does not require you to remove the interface board…

However there is a great guide here on how to install the zenmuse gimbal onto your phantom 2.

Thanks for your swift reply.
Ill do this tomorrow, fresh head etc
Thanks again,

Im now trying to install an Zenmuse H3 3D GCU V2 onto the phantom, do i need too?
Also, what channel on the Black Pearl RC 801 does the go pro, via the immersion transmit on?

It does not matter what channel, as long as they are both on the same one. CHeck the manual of your immersionRC FPV transmitter to see wich one it is set to transmit on, then set the same channel on the RC 801 black pearl monitor.

thanks again, pretty moot point now, dropped the bloody screen :frowning:
Got a new one coming :smile: