Penrod need help

I am a T B I survivor, Lost a lot of skills, but I try. Retired naval aviation structural mechanic/QC inspector etc. I inspected most of the navy’s helos at naval air test center PAX river Md. I live above Rollingstone Minnesota and the Mississippi on my secluded farm. My first quadchoper is a Holy Stone f181W. I bought a Fly Sky FS-I6X controller. I wanted to have one controller that I could do SIMS with and only have to use one controller. I need help pairing the hs to fs. may not be possible to do so… my retenison and learning cure is low. please excuse my mistakes.

i would guess no…

Most toy grade drones won’t pair with a hobby grade transmitters.
Which is a shame cause toy grade transmitters are normally really cheap and just a let down.

sir: could I swap the receiver to the ia6b that came ith flysky i6x??

You probably could, but only if the manufacturer of your quadcopter provided documentation as you need to know where to connect it and what protocol it supports. But in general toy grade quads have integrated recievers so it’s not possible :frowning: