OSD for Pixhawk Controller

Is there any OSD for the pixhawk, I have seen a couple like pigeon which has its own gps etc but that seems pointless when everything is already onboard.

I believe you can use MinimOSD with pixhawk, although I don’t think there is any official documentation on connecting it with pixhawk right now, but should be in one of the telemetry ports.

You will be able to connect MinimOSD via one of the telemetry ports (You might need to change some parameters of the Telem 2 port in mission planner if you connect the OSD to this port on the Pixhawk)

As of APM:Copter version 3.1 firmware, there are patches to enable uartD in rover/plane/copter. This enables the secondary telemetry port on Pixhawk, and also allows for a secondary telemetry port on PX4 and SITL. The patches include some parameter changes, so may require some mods in MissionPlanner and other GCS implementations.

  • the SR3_* parameters are now SR1_*
  • there are additional SR2_* parameters for boards that have a
    secondary telemetry port
  • the SR0_* parameters are unchanged
  • the SERIAL3_BAUD parameter is now named SERIAL1_BAUD.
  • there is a new SERIAL3_BAUD parameter on boards with a secondary
    telemetry port
  • the SERIAL0_BAUD parameter on rover and plane is unchanged

There’s some discussion about enabling Telem 2 for MinimOSD. MinimOSD support for Pixhawk (telem2) · Issue #762 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Looks like the code is available in a beta version of 3.1.1.

I’ve just received my MinimOSD and will try connect it to my Pixhawk powered DicsoPro. Will write it up if it works.

Great, that would be a big help, with me just entering into the fray I am a touch scared of screwing it all up :smiley:

I am also keen on connecting the minimOSD to the pixhawk TELEM2 port.
Do you know where to find the pinouts for the telemetry port?

Here is the pinout for the Pixhawk Telemetry ports. When I labelled Radio TX, this is actually the telemetry ports RX, and Radio RX is the telemetry ports TX. This is because the radio TX needs to connec to pixhawk RX, etc…

For Serial 1 (Telem 1), Serial 2 (Telem 2) and Serial 3 (GPS)
Pins: 6 = GND, 5 = RTS, 4 = CTS, 3 = RX, 2 = TX, 1 = 5V where the red wire is pin 1.

Hope that helps

Here is how to connect your minimOSD board to your pixhawk, if you buy an official minimOSD board you will not receive two DF13 cables, a 6pin cable to conenct to pixhawk, and a 5pin cable to connect to APM2.6. If you dont have the latest minimOSD then you can just buy a DF13 cable and solder it to your minimOSD board as shown below.

Thanks for the info. Had a few conflicting bits of info. Will wire it up tonight and post back

All working as expected with 5v, gnd RX and TX connected. Thanks for the help and advice!

Well, managed to finally get it working - here are some tips …

  • Used rduCopter V3.1.2-rc to enable the telem 2 port
  • Plugged the MinimOSD into the telem 1 port - otherwise some parameters were missing
  • Plugged the telem radio into telem 2