Omnibus F4 Pro V2 no baro!

I have a problem with my new board Omnibus F4 Pro. Baseflight, CleanFlight, other do not show this element and I can’t enable it in CLI. Where is the problem, in what manner I can resolve this issue ?

Thanks for help !


Try flashing the latest Betaflgiht Firmware.
You can download the Betaflight configuration from:

Flash the board with source: OmnibusF4SD

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symptom indicates incorrect firmware version

Thanks Janson and Ivordel, you are right. MY FC how has the baro !

H e l l o,

once time more thanks for Janson and Ivordel.
I have the same problem with another FC, Omnibus F4 Pro V2. This time I have flashed a firmware (the newest and oldest (from the list of firmware) and this didn’t worked. Perhaps you know a version of firmware that is good for this type of FC? Thanks in advance,

Try this

Flash the board with the latest version of betaflight using the same source as before. (OmnibusF4SD).

Then go to the CLI and enter the following:

set baro_bustype = spi
set baro_spi_device = 3
resource baro_cs b3

Then setup the Baro and try again.

Many thanks Jason. Once time more you are right. Strange that SD is better for normal F4.
Now I will start to configure my first drone with 4 motors. Will try to find something on youtube.



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