Omnibus Asgard - F4 FC, with OSD and 4x 24A ESC on a single board

Towards the end of this month we will be releasing an all new flight controller to join the omnibus family. The new asgard flight controller takes it up to the next level to essentially combine the already great omnibus F4 board, with a 4in1 24A ESC.

This full integration is part of the direction we are all heading in to keep our FPV quad builds neat and compact. The Asgard replaces a typical stackup of a PDB, OSD, FC, and 4in1 ESC that would usualy be at least 1.5cm tall, into a single board stack that is only a few mm tall.

The ESC,s run Blheli and fully support Dshot, the entire board still uses the standard 30x30mm mounting holes so it will fit into most frames.

These boards are still in the testing phase, but should anyone want to be on teh cutting edge you can contact us to order a pre-release version. I will be writing a full review later this month after abit more testing, as I know sunrise model have been working on a similar concept, but cannot get theirs working properly at anything above 2S power.


  • STM32F405 MCU
  • 24A Dshot 4-in-1 ESC
  • MPU6000
  • Drag and drop OSD configured via BetaFlight Configurator
  • SBUS/PPM + DSMX Ports
  • 5v 1.5a Clean Sbec /w On-Board Video Filter
  • Built-in Current Sensor
  • Built-in PBD
  • Baro
  • 2-4s LiPo compatible
  • 30x30mm w/ M3 holes