New "Skeyeliner" frame from LeDrib (Rotor Riot) and XHOVER

A few days ago, Drew at Rotor Riot announced his new frame, the Skeyeliner, see the video here:

What do you guys all think? I think it’s certainly a nice looking, clean and quality frame, and I’d imagine building in it is easy - but - and no disrespect meant here - it just doesn’t seem special to me. Recently I’ve found myself looking for something new and different, something like the unique style of the Smooth Operator or the low profile of the Hyperlow CG, and this just… doesn’t cut it for me. Yes it’s a nice frame, but it’s just too samey for me.

So, what’dya think? Yay or nay? Why? Am I a bad person? Let me know below!

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ITS A CLONE!!! :scream: :scream:

But jokes aside, given the price at $99…I would still rather go with a Chameleon Ti given that you get some titanium… But this frame does have a few extra convenience points over the chameleon so from that point of view is maybe a slightly better design.

On a side note… ledrip uses the same 3D printer as me so thats cool.