New Build Using Traxxas Aton

Hey everyone, I’m looking for suggestions and ideas. I’m using the Traxxas ATON frame, motors, props, and cosmetic parts. FC is a Sp racing F3 deluxe , 4 in 1 30 amp BLheli Esc. And a gps module with compass. Planning on iNAV so I can have the best of both worlds.

I’m not super familiar with that frame, but the spf3 is more than good enough and not a bad choice to use inav… although if you are a total beginner inav is still a young project so not the most documentation out there right now.

Are you looking for motor/prop suggestion? If so let me know the max size prop your frame can handle.

Hey Alex thanks for responding. Props, motors, and frame are all Traxxas specific. Any news out there on range finders and obstacle avoidance?

For now any obstacle avoidance on FPV quads requires some manual hacking… so for now there is not plug in solution… but manual piloting is fun of flying FPV.

Also the turbulent air from props make ultrasonic not work too well, and IR distance sensors dont work well outdoors, so you are only left with lazers, or cameras, both are either expensive or run proprietary algorithms not open to the community at the moment.

That said, one of our suppliers (benewake) have recently released a TFmini lazer rangefinder that would be ideal for obstacle avoidance on a drone, and each sensor is about £40… and their latest version works with pixhawk (ardupilot firmware systems), so we are getting some in a week or so. I am looking forward to testing that out

Please keep us updated. I’ve long thought about doing something similar but was unsure how to best integrate with their proprietary stuff. I would absolute love it if I could fly it on frsky. The most I’ve done is wire in minimosd and a 433mhz telemetry downlink.