New beast by my friend

Team Airbot typhoon 2.3 35a, OmniNXT F7
T-Motor FPV f60 pro II 2500kv
RunCam Fpv sparrow micro v2
Team BlackSheep linear antenna, unify race hv vtx, crossfire Nano
Tattu FPV powerd by tattu R-line v2 1550 mah
Gemfanhobby with Flash 5149
How about his FPV build?

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Nice neat build and sure it flies very nicely with the F60 pro motors :slight_smile:

Although the sharkfin looks cool, I find they cause some issues when flying fast as it naturally makes sure the quad points in the direction of flight due to the aerodynamic drag. Betaflight locks your quad at its current angle, so when you have some slight yaw angle during flight the motors work extra hard to compensate the drag of the fin trying to straighten out the yaw, (maybe not the best explanation but hope you understand)