Need your help to determine some hardwares left for my final year project

Dear all,

We, a group of 3 students, are working on a final year project related to DRONES. I already posted about your feedback on Lidar and the answer was very informative. Hope you can help me this once, as well.

Our Project is to build a drone that will fly autonomously, with self avoidance algorithm. The drone need to map a selected area of 10 m square and draw a 3D map of the planned mission using a Lidar (my previous post). Now, we will share with you our 3 weeks research that led us to select the following parts with the help of our Professor. If you may, we will be grateful if you left us your feedbacks about our selected hardwares and your suggestions about the questionable hardwares.

–> List of equipments:

  1. Frame: F330 DJI
  2. Motors: 2312/960 KV DJI
  3. Propellers: 8050
  4. ESC: Dshot 1200 32 bit 30A
  5. Battery: ??? we are still lost but we need a flight time around 15 min max.
  6. Flight controller: PXK 4 + GPS (Our professor have it from an old project)
  7. Power Management board: PM07 (Provided from our professor)
  8. Manual Controller: Vleski FST6 2.4 GHz + TX
  9. Ultrasonic sensor EZ0 x6 for avoiding obstacles
  10. Rasberry PI3 B+
  11. Holybro 433Mhz 915Mhz 500mW Transceiver Radio Telemetry (from our professor)
  12. Lidar: a- M1M1 (recommended here at DroneTrest)
    b- Lidar V3Lite with a motor
    c- YDLIDAR X4

Thank you guys in advance,


P.S: Our university is dedicating around 1200$ budget for such project. We can’t exceed it!