Need help with flight path drone

Hey folks. Completely new to this so I’d appreciate any help I can get from you here.Im looking to build a small indoor drone that I can set a flight path on.
Flight path needs to be precise as I will want to go from room to room on a detailed course.
Looking at a budget around 200 to 400 euros.
Once again. Any help Is appreciated.

Another topic. Is it possible to have batteries for drones that can be charged wirelessly(Like in the Samsung phones).


Right now there is no off the shelf drone that will do that for that price. But something like a navio 2 based system might just have enough processing power to run a simple SLAM algorithm for indoor navigation. But you will need to use a LiDAR sensor which is quite expensive.

Other option are visual slam, but they are very CPU intensive and need a pc grace CPU to run.