Make your Foxeer Legend 1 more robust in the event of a crash

The foxeer legend 1 is a affordable and great 1080p 60 FPS action camera. However some FPV drone pilots have reported that in some bad crashes the weight of the battery taped inside the camera can cause a few components to be ripped off the camera PCB. The reason for this is that the battery is fixed to the PCB in the camera with some adhesive tape. Some of the larger components stick up abit and when you crash the battery actualy presses on these components and can possibly pull them right off (as shown below)

Fortunately JesseP FPV has shared a video showing you a quick fix that you can do to reduce the chance of this happening. But the nice thing is you dont need to buy anything to apply this fix. Firstly you will need to open up the camera, and gently remove the battery which is secured with some double sided tape.

Now you need to gently remove the tape from the back of the battery and cut it down to a few smaller pieces and place the tape around the smaller components on the foxeer PCB as shown above. Avoid putting any tape on the larger components. This ensures the camera will rest on a relatively level surface so when you crash it will not catch on any components and cause your camera to break.

Here is the video showing you more details