LED starting to burn

Hey guys, recently I finished building my drone, I bought some cheap LED and connected them, tested them with my 3S batteries for few secs and they seem to be fine, unfortunatley my 3S batt damaged to I had to get rid of it.
Recieved my new 4S batt want to test my drone and saw my LED’s starting to burn, light somke signs coming out from the LED’s what can I do?
The LED’s connected to my PDB panels, its MATEK XT60.
These are my LED’s

Those LED’s are only rated for 5v
They could be wired up wrong and getting closure to 16v from your 4S

In the PDB panels its 5v or 12v? do I need different LEDs? or connect them to somewhere else? Found this it would be fine?
₪ 10.78 | Matek RGB LED X6 / 12V circular 7 colors light board / navigation lights for DIY quadcopter FPV drone QAV250 / ZMR250/QAV280

Someone please? this is the last thing I have to do before flying it :smiley:

Your 5v LEDs will be fine if you wire them up to a 5v source on your PDB/FC

Disconnect them from where they are (to not burn them)
Plug in a lipo (remove props first)
Then with a volt meter test to see how much voltage they were getting if its more that 5v
Move them to a 5v source.

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Thank you,
I dont have a voltmeter unfortunatley, I’ll change the source as you said, in the meantime I ordered 16v LED’s for next time.